Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Glory of Life

i dedicate this song for all my besties.
especially the one cheers me todayy.
Bha, Adham, && Hadri.
thxx guys for each second of laughter.

but i think it much better if hazira, asilah, farah and wan are here too.
babe, i miss them too much.
life is just complete for me :)

LOTS OF LOVE, nardd <3


frabha said...

cheer u up?! tpu je.smalm fara xjmpe nadd lagsg..

Ibrahim's Daughter said...

smlm? woii, niy tym kt lib laa. isyy. yg awk dok gelak2 tu ape. yg awk kne buli ngn nad,hadri n adham tu ape? HAHAHA

frabha said...

owww ni nadd post aitu ke?igt smalm.agaga mlu2

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