Friday, January 29, 2010

kepala hotakk

kdg2 ape yg ade dlm kpale otakk orgg x sme cm pe yg dlm kpale otakk kte. ape yg ade dlm kpale otak orgg blom tntu ade dlm kpale otakk kte. kpale otak ko ke ak ke spe pown sume xsme taukk. so, tlg la btaw ape yg ade dlm kpale otak kaww tu kt akuu. sbb blom tntu ape yg ade kt kpale otak kaw tu ade kt kpale otakk akuu. phm x ape yg kpale otakk ak cube terangkn niyy? ko igt slamenye ke kpale otak ak nk try phm kpale otak kaww? x doe. so, btaw a pe yg ade kt kpale otak kaww supaye kpale otak ak x peningg. ko phm xx? isyy. kpale otakk ak pening tgk kpale otakk kaw tuhhh.

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