Sunday, February 7, 2010

No more youu

* this is what i feel . losing. and i know i have to stay with it :)

Just one look in the mirror. And I know I don't look the same being alone. I don't walk the same without you on my arm, I lost my charm . I don't know how I made it before. Cuz you are my future for sure. And now that it's over I dont know how I'm gonna get by. I look at my passenger side. And there's nobody to ride with me for life. It feels like the end, I lost my friend. I can't sleep at night. Because your side ain't occupied. The hurt in my eyes, won't go away. I'm in so much pain. Don't know if I can make it or not. Everybody sees that I'm going through a lot. It's hard being alone. When you used to be on top. Call for you, there's no more you. I stop for a minute then I pinch myself. I can't believe I'm here by myself. I can't do anything without your help. Call for you, there's no more you..

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