Thursday, March 4, 2010

be the one for ONE

WOHOOOOO. exam tamat. cehh. bahagiaa betol akuu. rse mcm abz spm jea. haha. meleweyy. td paper addmath. biase ahh. ble addmath je, ak pny nervous jamban jgn cte la en. hahah. rse mcm xnk dtg skola pown ade sehh. tp bengongg. bru 1st examm. permulaan segale jenis exam tahun 2010 niyyy. xpe xpe. i'll leave the rest for the best, babe ! :)

dlm exam2 niyy, nta knp bnyk bnde dtgg dlm kpale akuu. klo psl examm xpe lahh gak, mmg ak x pelikk. tp niyy xx. ntah ape ape je dtg dlm kpale akuu niyy. adoii. nadd nadd. pelik gilaa. haha. dah lahh. ak mls nk ckp bnykk. penat wey. penat ! hahaa. bybyee

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