Sunday, April 4, 2010

guiltyy how to face it? wooott

HOHO pna rse serba slh? ye. im facing it right noww. how to avoid it? anyone know? yeahhh. i know no one will give me the answerrrrrrrr HAHAHA

sometime life need us to make a choice. to make a decision. a decision which can turn ONE'S life to worst or better. when we want to make a decision, we need others to list down the consequences. and for me, even i have asked many people bout it, and i still don have the perfect answerrr

as humans, we should choose a decision based on our own happiness or others?
we have to be selfish orr baik hati?
if this keep going, it bcome more worst
if i cut it, wht will happen?

give me the shinesssss pleaseeee woooott

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