Friday, May 14, 2010

New Post

omg. hmm. td iman ckp somethingg psl tripppp. bunyinye mcm problem je. problem ape pown ak xtaw aa. ak xphm iman ckp ape. haha. tp ala ala ala ala. pleasee dont. adoii. tuan pengetuaa, bg lahh kami last chance niyy. habis midyearr nk have fun. last moment bsme kelab pelancongan babe. last trip for me as studentttt. moment to have precious things with my belovedddd. ayayaya. hoho. nmpk overr kn? HAHA tp hrp2 la lps trip niyyy. please please please. kesian ckguu & pelajarr urus bgai nk rakk. hmm. may god bless us, wohoo. aminn.

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