Sunday, May 30, 2010

tak sabarrnye hati

mood belajarr melayangg. thats why im here. haha
ehh. i need my pendrive back.
anyone see it? pink kingston 8Gb with a cute pink teddy?
i lost it during teacher's dayy.
now, content dlm lappy akuu suda menunjukkn kesan yg mampat.
so, i do really really need my thumbdrive before this thing bursttttttt

this coming holidayy. whoaaa.
trip KL maybe cancel * it's hurt me so badd okayy
but it just OKAY
so now i will set new journey of life for this holidayy
cousins, bestie, granny, nieces, blog, fb, ms, cs, jusco, movie, cakes
 ahh. semua lerr
tdk lupa jugaa, homeworks. wkaka
wait yaww

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