Friday, June 18, 2010


okay. here i go. what im waiting for all this while. telling you about this. about half of my life. why, how and what happen to mine. how to start? emmmmmm. i hve no idea on that. ahaa ehh. klo xsnggup nk bce, xpyah bce. sbb berjela gilaaa. buang mse kot. tp ble dah bce, snyp2 je bole? shhh. keeep it secret. buang yg keruh, ambil yg jernih :) so, let this word be the introduction.

a.k.a bongkak, ego & sombong
grr sifat yg pling digeruni dlm life aku. why? something which is real life-thing happened before i was born and the effects are still here. dia sememangnya seorang yg sombong. bgaimana sifat sombong & ego dlm diri seseorang mampu merubah masa depannya tnpa kehendaknya.

first scene
the teacher said " *******, bce quran skrgg "
 he look down and said to the teacher like this, " klo sy xnk bce, ckgu bole buat ape? "
his teachers cried and say something not good about his future. omg

second scene
"i dah habis tuntut ilmu dunia, skrang i tnggal tuntut ilmu akhirat pulakk" he said to his mother-in-law.
ilmu dunia mahupun akhirat takkan pernah habis dituntut sepanjang hayat. apatah lg mengatakn hal sebegini hny kerana anda mmperoleh ijazah sarjana muda lulusan Colorado University, america sememangnya anda seorang yg sombongg.

berlatarbelakangkn keluarga yg berada, sbg ank bongsu lelaki, dia di manja, di belai dgn setiap kemewahan hidup. setiap keinginan diperoleh tnpa lengah. kehidupan yg senang lenang sjk lahir sbg seorang adik mnjadi punca kelalaiannya menghadapi kehidupan. dia tdk pernah ssh smasa zman childhoodnya.

at the age of 14, he found someone. someone who stole his heart. he tried so hard to win her. but, what did he get? ignorance for one year. why? just because he is nothing and bad person. he frustrated and
he changed his life. SRP. he did better. even better than her. for him, he proved that he is something to her. yess. love can change most people. this is a fact. at the age 16, he had to transferred to KL. he had to leave his lover. act, they were not a lover yet. after he transferred, he wrote letter to her and they became closer. from that moment, love began. terlalu bnyk rintangan. and this love lasts till marriage. 

however, when he was in america, he learnt something. something which was not good and made he himself get confused with his life. Islam-thing. he started to change. change to worst. his girlfriend still hoping. hope that he will change when they were married. but, god has planned everything. each things in life. the doctor said he had skizo. with his ego & arrogant behaviour, he don want the doctor even org ubat2 to treat him. he was once said like this to that org ubat " sape kau?degree ape kau ade hah? aku xsakit lah. " their family tried so hard to make him better. but, he himself don want to help himself. you know wht i mean? stubborn. ego. arrogant. yes. he is. he got jobs. first, as an engineer. tp dia sia2kn peluang dia. dia dtg kje ikut suka. kdg xdtg. then, he was fired. got other job and he did the same thing. till no company want him. his wife told him to get any job even at the petronas or anything rather than staying at home. but wht did he say? " i have a degreee. i should not work there. bnyk lg company nk i " again. he is arrogant. 9years. everything just look the same. they got two children. a girl and a boy. he didnt change himself yet.
as mother, she will never think for herself. how long will this situation stays? she thought of her children's future. how will her children face the world with this kind of person as dad? sometimes he was okay and then he would not. yes. she is not a selfish mother. she let go her love. she tried so hard to make her children have a better life. orang sekeliling mengate mengumpat. 9years. she close her ears. she let people talked about her family. dia bersabar krn cinta. perasaan cinta thdp seorg lelaki. harapan seorang isteri utk melihat suaminya berubah. 9years. but when things turn to her children, she know that she should not let her children face things that she faced. even its hard. she has to. divorced. the best solution.

and now, she married with someone else. and she got her happiness with her children and her new family. life is fair actually. people has their own turn. life is like a wheel. either susah dulu or senang dulu. life is like that, mydearr. and him? he stayed lonely there. in a homecare, KL. besides, he is also a bad smoker. heavy smoker. and he got diabetes at the young age. till now, he didnt recover yet. why? because of his stubborn-ness. so people, wake up. we dont know wht will happen to us in future. mind your behaviour please. don let what happened to him happen to you.

the moral of the story will be post after this :)

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