Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday ADHAM

*whoaa.anggp je la gmbar niyy hadiah bday kau. wkaka
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to youuu :)

 Hye juny’s born.
Happy birthday okay. Great to have you in my life . thanks for those laughs, teasing, knowledge, advices, cares plus your smile. And of course, thanks too for this sweet friendship :) may god bless you always and have a nice year forever. Just be yourself okay. Catch your best dream & be better in future. Ehem. Friends forever kn? Eh. X. Bestfriend forever kn? HAHA aku nk tgkk kau bwk kpal terbang stu ary nntyy ^^. Tau tau. Hehe. Take care, adham

complete wishes from them :
Adham =) Hey scndal wewit. Happy Birthday mr.potpet. I wish that you will get the best bday fr ths year. Yeah may Allah bless you. Be the one who you are okay.Yeah friends ever dude. Thnks fr the friendship & evrythng. Ily muah muah *lots of love (lorrel)

Wey jerangkong.. Da sebaye da ite an? HAHA Umo 17taon nie mcm2 nk piker.. SPM,, result SPM,,pas tu nk msok U agy,,nk amek course ape,,nk idop kt U nnt cm ne.. Pning gler beb.. HAHA Agk2 k0 da nk giler psl sume nie.. K0 ren0ng2 kn laa mnde nie ea.. At0k aq pna ckp kt aq.. ‘life isn’t ab0ut being perfect pers0n,, but 2 be as perfect as u can‘ *tpi at0k aq ckp jawe laa HAHA

Happy birthday yg ke 17 . Smoge pnjg umo murh rezeki . Jgn over2 ea .

happy birthday lempeng :) may allah bless you on your sweet seventeen.SPM DO THE BEST. Ingt ayh kau nk ank the best yeah.lastly friends eva ily adham lempeng. :)

*happy birthday! *smoge dpt pe yg d’impikn
*do ur best in spm *stay kepoh oweyz((:

Happy bufday ahmad adham affandi..Smge bufday nie memberikn rahmat kpd anda dlm spm nnti n dont4get we will battle dlm dewan peperiksaan..Btw, mane murtabak kitaorg??

Adham, happy birthday. Gudluck spm 9A+ tau. Smoge rmbt ko sntiase lrus. Hm ak nk tlis ap yg ko tlis kt bk bio ak.mlu la seh nk tlis kat sni haha. Fwen4eva. Muahaha<3

Adham! Epy bday..haha!k0 da bc0me old seyy.hOhO.laztly, may gOd bless u!
p/s : wishes from bha je blom ade lg. dy demam ye. soryyy
*once i give you my hand for friendship, i will never take it back. have mine, friendss ILY*

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syukrimadihahrafiq said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADHAM!!! =) jangan kepoh2 lagi, hahaha... gurau jek ;)

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