Friday, June 18, 2010

yesterday was a day

aha. emmm. thanks.
 i thought you've gone far far away. but, you are still here.
thanks loffy, bff.
thank you Allah for giving me back the "usual" you.
hopefully lasts longer. 
*igtkn dah xheran dgn hidup aku. igtkn dah xbce blog aku.
 igtkn dah xperlukn aku. igtkn blablabla .... *
rupanya TAK.
xpelah. sekurangkurangnya, i know that someone cares ^^
ogeh ogeh

p/s : hey. im talking about you. kau yg bce blogg akuu. aha.
kau lah dol. thanks :) 

woi woi. rindu awk lah
\ nurhazira farahnabiha rahimahrahim hadrihamid adhamaffandi asilahrustami farahrosli redzuanmusa amylia azmirasazali tingtong syasya & you you you ♥
also, all teachers and friends

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