Wednesday, July 28, 2010


menang kalah adat kn? sabar ye. jgn sedey.
yg penting the moments babee :)
dah cube, relieve kn? you're the best okayy. you should know that
valued thing bkn tinggi mne roket tuu, tp tinggi mne commitment dlm rocket tu kn babe?

kpd Rafumabi, anda juga terbaik ♥

kpd yg menanggg, tahniah untuk andaaa. kpd yg membantu, jasamu kami hargai. anda terbaik. kpd yg menyokong, sorakan anda tiada. kami tak kuat ;P kpd tingtong, thanks babee ;PP kpd yg takpuas hati, sila rujuk dictionary. mengarot. hahaha

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