Sunday, July 18, 2010


knp chromosome? aha. sje je. rndu belajar biology ;P
nadd penipu. aha

adoi. sakit kepala ku. ahah. serious pening kepale skg niyy. pening sbb terlebih tidur. mak oi. tidur aje kje aku xde lain dah. homework xbuat lg niyy. adoiyai. bile weekend je gini. menyampah lah dgn diri sndiri. isyy. jap2. weekdays pown sme kotttt. ahaha. kdg2 mcm menyesal benti tusyen dgn cikgu ismail tu. nk tau knp? sbb if ak tusyen sbtu ahadd, ak akn menghargai masa lebih drpd biase. buat hw pown cpt2 sbb takot xsempat. tp nowwww. selagi ade mse, slagi tu, ak buat bodo je ngn homework yg belambak tuu. haihhh. ape slh aku seyy smpai kne uji dgn penyakit M niyy dr duluuuuuuu. menyampah. serious. im thinking of private-ing this blog. tp belom decide lggggg. tptp haisy. aku perlukn seseorang utk bg motivasi serta mengcontrol life aku yg kucar kacir. someone who can tell me wht i should and i shouldn't. out of sudden, i miss you. NO. nadd is independent. i don need anybody. yes. i dont. stay on your principlesssss, nardddddd !

please godddd. im begging you for my self. a better self.
nadd. too much words. too much plan. too much dreams.
they will be nothing if you yourself stay on like this.
so. i don want to change. but continously ask myself to make them a reality.
it's either you want it or nottt, narddddddd

stop dreaming of anything including him. yess. i will. insya-Allah.

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