Sunday, August 8, 2010


Pelan pelan saja by Kotak

i know you are happy with your life now.
thank god for that.
let your smile stay there without me, forever
i promised myself not to come back to you no matter what happens.
i'll keep my words :)

secret : that day i cried. haha. mcm xpcaye je. PMS mungkin. heheh. tptp seriously when that 'something' happened to me, i remember you. i need someone's shoulder actually. tp aku tabah. ye. aku tabah kn? bukti, i didn't call you and cry over. ahaha. cangatulations, narddd♥ act, cerita niy happened on july 19. td tgk you onl, tu yg teringat and wrote it here. lepas perasaan. hehe. i know you tak bce blog niyh kn? thats why :)

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