Saturday, September 11, 2010

im strongg

when i see his face, i think of youu. imissyou. if just i can have this raya with you. if just i can have you here each moment. kdg2 rase mcm nk cepat sgt besarrr. nk cepat sgt jd doct. nk cepat sgt jd dewasa. boleh bwk kereta. time tu msty bole rayaa ngn papa kn. actually pg td tak lah rse sgt. tp td ble bkk fb and tgk Aunty Linda upload gmbar family dyy and tgk muka Uncle Man, it reminds me of youu. seriouslyy.

i really want thiss :(
it's okay. im STRONGG

p/s : sorry Uncle & Aunty sbb nadia amk these pict tnpa permission. i just miss him so badly :)
fuhhhhh. legaaaaaaa  dah spill kt sini. HAHA :D goodnight.

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