Sunday, October 10, 2010

scattered all around

Assalammualaikum :) nice smilee here. oh yeah. HAHA guess wht i am doing right noww? saya sedang menikmati powerpoint sejarah yg belambak niyhh. fuhhhh jam terus otak. bnyk sgtttt. tak terdaya lg nk melihat. tak tersimpan lg memory. bukan sbb bnyk yg da upload dlm otak niyy, tp sebab angin masuk yg bnyak. melimpah ruahhh. HAHAHA.

td pagi borakborak ngn mama. mcm biase la daughter-mother conversation. mcm mcm perkara. most of it of course la life-things. about people, manners, words, history. a way to be a better person. percaya tak if i said my mother is my super-everything? kene percaya jugakk. she always have solution for every inches of my problem. always be there(: ILY

perlu ke kongsi disini? mcm tak jea. rasenyaaa, the more we let people know about us, the more they know our weaknesses. kn? i learnt this from someone silently. hehe. so mulai hari niy, every story akan ditapis sbelum dipublish(:

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