Sunday, October 17, 2010

thankful, anger plus curiousity are balanced

these words keep entering my mind slow and steadily. why huh ?

kadang-kadang manusia selalu rasa diri mereka terlalu bagus. sangat bagus sehingga berkeinginan untuk mengubah diri seseorang. pernah atau tidak mereka ini berfikir tentang diri manusia yang sungguh tidak sempurna? tiada yang sempurna walau seorang pun. sedarkah mereka tatkala kata-kata yang dilontarkan itu mengguris hati hati yang mendengar? sedarkah mereka perbuatan mereka itu mengecewakan hati insan lain? dan sedarkah mereka siapa mereka untuk merubah insan lain?

sebagai manusia, kita hanya ada hak untuk menasihati bukan merubah. perubahan seseorang itu adalah keputusan dia sendiri. takde orang yang ingin melihat seseorang itu jatuh apatah lagi berniat untuk menjatuhkan orang lain. aku tau niat ' hati-hati ' itu baik. tetapi kenapa akal men-denied apa yang mereka buat? i just dont know. mungkin aku yang tidak memahami konsep kehidupan kaum Adam. ya aku tak faham cara mereka. lalu kenapa harus kau marah, narddd? and again. i just dont know. wht i know is, i need an explaination. a brief explaination.

remember this, rebuild your confidence

my review. (Positive & Negative thought)

Positive : maybe im not good enough to be a person. i dont know how to tolerate with him. and i dont play my role very well. so, they are just there to replace my place. their intention maybe good. help him to be a better person. it just maybe.

Negative : are you so smart and know everything in this world? are you so good in guiding someone to the correct path? then you think you are better than a mother? i have another question here, do you have any experience on how to grow a boy into a man like your parents have?.. until you have confidence to change someone to better. im just wondering how you have that 'confidence' and how you know wht you did will result something useful for him one day. because me myself dont have that confidence. yes i dont have that.

this is the way i tolerate with my problems. by thinking of it from differ perspectivess. and sometimes, this kind of way of thinking dont give me the answer but keep rolling in my own brain for years. HAHAHA

Thanks for the nice intention(:

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