Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday HADRI

" happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to HADRI
happy birthday to YOU ! "

Happy birthday monyet HAHA Hadri, the youngest among all. Great to have you in this precious life as the very best bestfriend. thanks untuk everything since this friendship bermula okay. kau tak terganti, HAHAHA may god bless you always and all your dreams come true, mann. Catch your best dream & be better in future. Hopefully, you have your great birthday fr this yearr. sorry ats kekurangan ape-ape ye. sorry fr the non-exciting things yesterday. selamat berbahagia, sahabat :)semoga umur seventeen niy mematangkan kau! HAHA aku doakan nice returns always be with you. jgn ade niat nk lupa aku hehhh HAHA take care, doctor Hadri

anum ckp mcm kembar, HAHA
well, dah mak aku tu mak kau ennn wkaka

dengan suka citanya disini saya hendak maklumkan, dia sahabat aku. nothing can change that and it will never change. never ever. trust me. thanks, bff(;

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