Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Give me a break!

Crushing on someone? Jom reveal! Hahaha
haa takot lah tu enn Ini hanya satu survey yang aku pernah buat dulu. Hehe bosan lah. so why not try lagi sekali kan? Kot-kot dah berubah keeeee :)

1.)how old is he/she?
will be 25 years old by 2018 :)

2.)where did you meet?
- somewhere on Earth

3.)where are he now?
- working place maybe or in the toilet? Hahaha

4.)are he older than you?
- same age

5.)how do he looks like?
- very much like a Man Haha ofc lah kan

6.)whats your happiest memory of him/her?
- Hmm too many to remember. Everything wonderful Hehe

7.)why do you like him?
- Entah no reason

8.)whats your favourite thing to do together?
- together? have we ever been together? Wkaka

9.)when did you know you liked them?
- when haa? Entah tak perasan

10.)is it true love?
- true love is what? TELL ME

11.)what the sweetest thing he/she has ever done for you?
- sweetest thing? orang jawa tak reti sweet-sweet ni. Haha cop! jawakah dia? Hmmm

12.)what his/her worst habbit?
- worst habbit? tanya dia-lah. aku mane tauu! Ishh

13.)what annoys you about them?
- annoys me? Hmmm distance. Get it?

14.)has this person ever hurt you badly?
- Hurt me? pernah. Badly? takpernah

15.)do you trust this person?
- Do i have to trust him? what for? Haha

16.)whats their best facial feature?
- His eyes, his eyes.. Make the stars look like they're not shining.. Haha

17.)hair color?
- Hitam itu menarik Haha

18.)what does he/she smell like?
- smell? Entah gila punya soalan kan?

6.)do he like you?
- No

8.)do you live near them?
- No. far far away macam Shrek dgn Fiona Haha

9.)do they have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
- Not yet

Ni je soalan? ingatkan bnyk sangat. Tak hilang pun bosan. Ngantuk adelah Haishh


saya shea said...

huhu . sweetttt ~ act , question2 ni tuk ape eak ? emm

Ibrahim's Daughter said...

Hehe thanks(: emm sje je mcm survey gituu. try la. copy je blk soalan2 tu then jwb sendiri :)

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