Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Thanks, AzilahAziz

Name : Nafissa Nadia Binti Ibrahim
Brother(S) : Khairillizam, Khairil Fadzlee, Khairil Zuhaili & Abdullah Fakhree
Sister(S): None
Eye colour : Hitam kecoklatan mungkin
Shoe Size : 4-5-6
Piercing : No * bru tau piercing tu ape Hehe
Height : 154 cm
What are you wearing right now : Pyjamas
Where do you live : on this beautiful Earth
Favorite Number : 6 7 9
Favorite Drink : Lime Juice
Favorite month : July ofc
Favorite Breakfast : Tuna Sandwich

Broken a bone : No
Been In a police Car : No
Fallen for a friend : Yes mayb
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short time :  Yes
Swam In the ocean : Yes
Fallen asleep In school : Yes time Form 1 Haha
Broken someone's Heart : Yes
Cried when someone died : Yes. My late grandfather
Sat by the phone all the night waiting for someone call : Yes, long-long time ago
Saved E-mails : Yes
Been cheated : Once

Your room look a like : taman negara Bahaha
What is right beside you : Something precious, my K770i
What is the last thing you ate : Nasi with ikan bilis goreng Haha

Who did you last yell : My brother
Who was the last person you danced with : nobody
Who last made you smile : My bestfriend ♥

What are you listening to right now : Over it - Stereo skyline
What did you do today : Many things.
Are you the oldest : Yes
Indoors or outdoors : Indoors

Talk to someone you like : emm No/Yes
Kiss someone : No
Sing : No
Talk to an Ex : No
Miss someone? : Always
Eat : Ofc

You talked on the phone to : Hadri Hamid
Made you cry : Intensif's Staff
You went to the mall with : My cousins ♥
Who cheered you up : Farah Nabiha Mohd Fuad

Been to Mexico? : No
Been to USA? : No

Have a crush on someone : Yes
What books are you reading right now : Doa Terakhir - Fuad Hj. Sam
Best feeling in the world : Watch people around me laugh & smile
Future kids name : Nafiqa
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : Yes. My monkey boo Haha
What's under your bed : Dust
Favourite sports : Badminton
Favorite place : Beach
Who do you really hate : No one
Do you have a job : No/Yes
What time is it now : 1.25 AM

Tag : Farah Amalina, Asilah Anum, Amylia & Haslyana Damerin


edayahzaid said...

apsal the last person that made u cry was the intensif's staff? haha aq pon same dohh. dyorg slalu wat aq nanges. sob sob :(

Ibrahim's Daughter said...

hmm sbb mse tu ak dberitahu jpj tk call lg. stelah berminggu-minggu Hahaha

sabar yek (:

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