Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just want you to know

that today is her Birthday.

The one who means a lot to me. A LOT. and means EVERYTHING TO ME

I wish i would have something for her today. Yet, i have nothing to give. Seriously tkde idea nak bagi mama ape. And i feel down fr that. Seriously. Just fr the first time, i have nothing. Even a birthday card :(

Actually, aku plan nak buat some dessert for her. With a 'happy birthday' greeting. Tadi petang i start buat. Planning nak buat dadih dalam cupcake punya tempat tu. with some jelly on it. Then, just gune whip cream fr the alphabet. tapi, dessert tu tak menjadi. Aku silap beli whip cream. cair habis whip cream tu. nak buat huruf kebenda. dah tak boleh nak tulis on that dessert. Haish. And then, i cancel the whole plan -.-'

Sedih? ofcourse-lah. Hmmm

Birthday Mak(nenek) hari tu, ber-iye aku. Birthday member2, aku ber-iye jugak. But when it comes to my Mom, why it happened like this? I'm stucked with this question alone.

Takpelah. redha je ye naddd. Keep smiling.

Last but not least..
This is seriously about you, You are so Beautiful to me, Ma (:


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