Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bebel malam-malam, sorang-sorang.


That moment when you see everyone is beside you, laugh with you. But deep here, you feel something is missing. You feel someone got away. And that one person, take all in you together. Moment when someone who made such lots of effort just for your attention, and suddenly that one person is gone.

Someone who suddenly saw you when others didn't. Made you happy. Or maybe tried hard to make you happy. And now, this person is leaving. A feeling or actually the truth?

Knowing this person for only few months. You feel nothing.
And when this person is leaving slowly, you feel something.
Feels of not letting go. Yet, you do nothing.

Guwa rase macam pantun dah ayat last tu. Hahahaha 1.10 AM. overthinking over something unnecessary. Grow up, Nad! Sampai bila nak buang masa camni. Percaya aja pada Dia.

Segalanya bermula dengan suatu yang formal, and maybe formaliti yang wujud sekarang ini pengakhirannya. Mari kita tunggu dan lihat. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Hey, i'm okay. SuperNad! weeeee :3

P/s : Ah sudah, ini bukan cerita bofren guwa. bukan jugak bestfriend guwa. ini cerita someone somewhere yang tak perlukan perhatian anda, hanya saya.

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