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Something worth sharing.

Assalamualaikum :)

29 Jun 2013 : Being Me | Sisters Only Conference | PICC

Never thought i would face such experience. An ohsem experience. Awak pun kena rasa this feeling. Next Being Me conference, pegi same k! 

Sebab this talk, aku rase macam lain daripada lain. It told me that women and Islam have more that just isu aurat, marriage dan pergaulan. It has more than that. Seriously much more. Aku suka dengar talk yang intipatinya something yang boleh buat aku ternganga (ternganga dalam hati. luaran memang la korang tak nampak. hahaha). Bagi something yang kadang-kadang tu tak terjangkau oleh otak aku. Maksud lain, pengetahuan baru. kakaka beriye kasi gambaran. tu je maksud kau sebenarya, nad? heh.

And Being Me conference give me that. 

The programme started at 10 AM. Tapi aku sampai 12.30. Terlepas sesi pagi. Sesi Prof. Muhaya & Fatih Seferagic. The only two person yg aku kenal before aku attend this event. Speakers yang lain? They make me fall for their words secara live :') Seriously.

Supposedly Maria Elena would be the emcee. And this is the initial initiator yang initiate aku untuk go on with the ticket booking. Haha. and she's not there. due to morning sickness. but i am okay. i am still happy. i learned a lot. takkan tak happy kut?

These are the session yang sempat aku dengar. Ada banyak lagi sebenarnya. These ade dalam main hall. Hall 9 ade 'Sister's corner'. Ade Sheikh Daood Butt from Canada. Illiey kata best Sheikh tu. Selalu cerita pasal kahwin. Okay. Hahahaha Also got workshop tempat sisters manjakan diri. Make-up guna FCC cosmetics yang halal tu, manicure, pedicure, massage and much more. Yang penting, bawak duit. heh.

Sis. Zohra Sarwari - 'Woman of subtance'

Sis Zohra cerita pasal sahabat Nabi Muhammad SAW. Women of course.

#Ada 4 orang yang main actress.
- Siti Khadija-
- Fatimah-
- Aisyah-
- Ummu Salamah-

Her talk sangat superb. The way she describe those women melts me. 

#Read sahabiyat's stories. You will be good.
#Don't baby the teens. 
#No matter how much sins we've committed throughout our life, just repent, and get back to Allah. He is always there for His servants. We're the ones that usually forget that fact.

Sis. Taneem Ghauri - 'Muslimah : Identity given by Allah'

 #Whatever in front of us, distract us.
#Stop busy looking at others and comparing your life with them. Start living. Think positive, feel positive, act positive.
#Have positive, Give positive, Get positive. What you give, you get back!
#See if Allah is there to help you set your goals. If the goal that we set is something Allah sees, that is the ultimate freedom of us.

Prof. Dr. Zaleha from UIA - 'Freedom of Choice'

Prof Zaleha showed us this video:

Video from Mustafe Mahmoud 

#In Islam, love is not lust. Love is about mercy and affection.
#The freedom of choice is in my hand. I choose what is best for me.

Session after Maghrib : I masuk lewat. so, banyak jugak tertinggal part Sheikh Alaa Elsayed. he. he. he.
Tapi part Brother Yusha Evans, huwauuuuuu :O

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed - ' HER story - HER status'
-Filled with imaan
#Feed Imaan by good deed.

Brother Yusha Evans - 'It's a GIRL'

Brother Yusha cakap pasal betapa Allah lebihkan wanita di sisi Islam. He talked a lot about sisters in His Quran. In fact, there is a Surah just for sisters. None for brothers. He told that a woman can have jannah in few ways compared to men. How much Allah love the sisters.

#Sisters : You are the forefront of the world.
Whereever we go, muslim women will be attack first. Because it is easy to recognize Muslim women. They have the character, they bring the name of Islam.

#We are suffering in life is because Allah loves us. Thanked Him.

#Non Muslims : Suffers in dunya, then that's it. That is IT. Thats why they commit succide & etc. Muslims : When u suffer, you know you're not alone. Other muslims are with you.

#If there is Akhlaq, everything is okay.

#Ummah : If one part suffers, everyone must suffers. That is the real Ummah.

#There are thousands muslims here. But why in coutry with minority muslims sufffer? It is because of YOU.

#Marriage is in the woman's hand. She is the one who will say yes. Man can propose to anyone whoever woman, but it is your choice. Though your father, or anybody tell you so, it is your decision. Choose right.

Out of all, this one touched me so much.
Bro Yusha told us to close our eyes at the end of his talk.

And he ask "What is the first object Allah create?" People said "A pen" And he said "Yes. A pen" And...

"Allah told the pen to write your name as a muslim 50 thousand years ago though you done nothing to deserve it. YOU DONE NOTHING. And what do you do today for Allah?"
Do not abuse it. Use it. We are the slave of Allah!

Make sure you get a Quran teacher if you want to memorize and be a better reader - Fatih Seferagic
*Found in Being Me facebook*

You might not feel the awesomeness i felt by reading this. But, it was really awesome. Trust me.


Thank you Farah Nabiha, Illiya Zainal. Sebab tolong book tiket, tolong teman, tolong hantar balik, ajak pergi and everything. Thank you so much! Anyway, rindu gilaaaaa kot kat biha :D

And thank you Hadri & roomate for the very best help you two did for us. 

Allah will count all these. In shaa Allah :')


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fancy Quran. I'm in love.


Hopefully this would be a short entry. 


Cantiknyaaa. MashaAllah. Cantik sampai rasa macam nak satu. eh, nak sepuloh. hahaha Quran itu sendiri dah indah. Takde maknanya kalau fancy macam ni tapi tersadai je kat rak *toleh kat tafsir sendiri kat rak* 

i wish i can read you. like a novel. end once, repeat it all over again.

Just an idea. instead of bagi teddy bear besau, bunga sejambak, kek sepasu, minyak wangi sebekas or cupcakes sekotak besar untuk manusia, why don't bagi benda macam ni. Especially for your loved ones. Kalau ada duit lebih la. They will be happy. Trust me. And the benefits not only for them, you too. heeeee

For guys, ada jugak Quran yang special for guys. Try tengok Quran Shop tu k.

P/s : Find your Quran teacher and start learning. Only then, you can have your fancy Quran okay, Nafissa? Ameen :) 


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