Monday, November 25, 2013

scattered dreams of mine


i once had a dream.
Lots of dreams.


Aku nak jaga dia bila aku mampu. Lama aku tunggu. Lama juga nak sampai tempoh mampu tu. dan akhirnya, mampunya aku tak wujud untuk dia. Dia pergi dulu. Sebab Allah sayang.

Aku pernah punya angan-angan. To make these two families meet up again, whole families including him. During the wedding of mine. Tapi dia tak sempat. Dia pergi dulu. Sebab Allah sayang.

Aku pernah punya bayangan. To have someone special, accompany me to make him happy. Introducing this special person to him. Having a talk like 'take care of my daughter or i will kill you by hands'. Tapi dia tak sempat. Sebab Allah sayang.


Sebab Allah sayang.
Sebab Allah sayang.
Sebab Allah sayang.
Banyak kali aku ulang.
Pujuk diri sendiri macam aku ni budak kecik.

it's hard to see your scattered dreams.
but, i'll keep on dreaming. and pray.
Cuz Allah knows best, never less.

P/s : Don't worry. i am moving on. Thanks for the precious support, people. Really :')


Thursday, November 21, 2013

A memory.


He is a handsome man.
Forever a handsome-st person to me. 
But slowly, Allah took His nikmat one by one.
One by one, Years by years.
He keeps holding on. 
Never-not praying for me & Adik every single day.

On a good day, a good time.
Allah took Papa with Him.

10 MUHARAM 1435 H
14 NOVEMBER 2013
Maghrib | 7.08 PM

"He loves you, Nadia. He really loves you & Adik"

I miss his voice. I miss his kiss.
I miss you, Pa. I will always be.


"Dear self,Be strong, sayang. 
Papa is going to syurga. 
He will be happy. He will.

Papa had done suffering sayang. 
Time for him to be happy. 
Allah itu Adil. Maha Adil.  
He promised you. 

Then why are you crying? 

Smile, sayang. 
Cause he can see you smiling. 
And he will smile with you. 
In shaa Allah. 
-15 Nov 2013 ; 6.18 AM"

Guide him to the best place of yours, Allah.

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