Wednesday, October 15, 2014

what's in you is important


Definisi 'baik' itu adalah org yg beriman kepada Allah. Dan org yg beriman kepada Allah itu buat apa yg Dia suruh, tinggal apa yg Dia larang.

 Masuklah Islam secara seluruhnya (Al- Baqarah:208)

Nothing ever be sweeter than being owned by the most respect ways. Nothing.

The point here is not to change in the purpose of having the best respected way to be owned. The point is how can the effort to be better gives us glory in all directions of life. Including our own love story, which is NOT the purpose of life somehow. Got what i mean?

It is okay not to be favourited by all people. It is okay not to be called pretty. It is okay. Because then you know how much each people around you value you. Not because of the physical factors, but just because you being you :')

Because what really makes a person different? It is the Taqwa.
In which, only Him has the right to judge His creations.


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