Saturday, December 6, 2014



If a man happen to offer you a kind of love that is worth to live with, worth to fight for, worth to stay with, These are the best that a man could do. THESE :')

There might come a day that Allah allows you to fall in love,
and when you do,
you'll be unable to fall out of it. 

And so He'll put it into your heart to pursue her, and you'll do whatever it takes to have her.
Then one day you'll go to her father and ask for her hand,
and Allah will soften her father's heart so that he'll allow the union between you. 

You will marry her, 
and realize that every night, good lies beside you.

Marriage will be difficult, she will be difficult.
But she'll be something you'll pursue the best in,
always thinking of her first,
considering how she feels,
and determine to treat her better than any man on earth could have.

And so you two will grow old together,
and if you did things right, 
you will fall in love with her again and again and again each day,
but only if you realize that love is not something you find but something you create.

It's something that abounds from the realization that you are both flawed,
the realization that you're both frayed,
and that your union works best when following God's design.

You see his design and see that Allah braids you two together, 
despite your flaw and your fraying, 
you're made stronger than you two ever separate.

You'll realize that your families should be there for you,
that being patient and not rushing is a key to success,
and that putting God before each other is the most important.

Then, there will come a day when you realize that losing her would be worse than death itself,
and so you hope and pray to God that you pass away before she does,
because otherwise,
you know you  would love the rest of your life dying from the poison of your broken heart.

So you pray and pray and pray that God bring you home, 
before He brings her,
not only so that you don't have to live without her,
but so that you can beg God to let her in Jannah for how perfect she has been to you.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

a year passed


Dear Papa,

Anywhere or anywhen you are, i am sure Allah would send this message to you. Because through you, i learnt how much Allah is loving me. Pa, i miss you. i really do. I still can see your smile here back in my retina. Your laughing voice deep inside my ears. I can feel your touch on my receptor. Pa, if i could, i want you to be here again in this world. But, i know Allah has bigger plan for us. I believe in that.

I know you love me so much, Pa.

I'll strive to have a place in Jannah. So, i can bring you. Stay there with you. I can talk to you. Walk with you. Laugh for you. We'll be there someday. If we dont, i know Allah will always help us. I'll bring Mama too, dont worry. I know that you've been missing her for whole life of yours. i'll bring her to you. and Adik too. We'll be complete just like i ever imagine we would be.

I'll introduce you to my family. My husband, children, bestfriends and everyone. Not a one you will miss out. You deserve the best place in my life, Pa. You deserve each moment of my life. Maybe it was not meant to be in this world. But there, in another world i'll share everything with you :')

Papa, those moment we shared were the moment i ever had. We might not be like other family, having serious talk, weird talk, or even funny talk, but, knowing you only have me and love me, that would be a great pleasure for me.

if i ever not make it into Jannah, i am really sorry.

And when he sees me, he will say “cantiknya anak papa, dah besar dah.” “Cantiknya anak papa, pandai mama jaga, bagi makan minum semua”. “Cantiknya anak papa.. cantiknya anak papa”

There is no sweet word sweeter than this sincerely came from a man to me. Cz only a father would say what he meant. I miss you pa. Really do.

A year had gone. A year passed. A year.

Things are different since you left. I feel lost the ride sometimes.  Cause all this while, what i achieved, what i feel, and everything, is one of the effect of your endless doa for me.

Suka suka tak suka sudah

Karutan tercoret dibawah. Sila tak payah baca kalau taknak keliru tahap tak boleh terima. he he

Hari ni kau rasa kau suka seseorang.
Esok pun kau rasa sama.
Tapi kau tak yakin apa lusa, tulat, bulan depan, tahun depan, kau masih suka ke?
dan tiba-tiba sebelum tiba 'masa kau dah tak suka', dia datang hulur kata pujangga, impian dan gelak tawa.
Kau lupa tentang 'masa kau tak suka' akan tiba.
Kau terbuai, dan terus suka.
Sampai satu masa, dia jumpa dulu 'masa dah tak suka kau'.
Dia pergi. Kau makan hati.
Atau terbalikkan cerita, kau jumpa 'masa dah tak suka dia', kau pergi, dia makan hati.

Sampai bila kisah suka-suka ending macam ni?

Sebab tu kalau suka, senyap dan pergi.
Kau akan nampak 'masa kau suka' dan 'masa kau dah tak suka'.
Kalau dia jodoh kau, kau akan perasan 'masa kau suka' tu, Allah panjangkan dan sampai masa yang tepat dan selayaknya, kau sendiri akan tunjuk yang kau suka.

Sekian cerita suka dah tak suka dari saya.


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