Tuesday, December 2, 2014

a year passed


Dear Papa,

Anywhere or anywhen you are, i am sure Allah would send this message to you. Because through you, i learnt how much Allah is loving me. Pa, i miss you. i really do. I still can see your smile here back in my retina. Your laughing voice deep inside my ears. I can feel your touch on my receptor. Pa, if i could, i want you to be here again in this world. But, i know Allah has bigger plan for us. I believe in that.

I know you love me so much, Pa.

I'll strive to have a place in Jannah. So, i can bring you. Stay there with you. I can talk to you. Walk with you. Laugh for you. We'll be there someday. If we dont, i know Allah will always help us. I'll bring Mama too, dont worry. I know that you've been missing her for whole life of yours. i'll bring her to you. and Adik too. We'll be complete just like i ever imagine we would be.

I'll introduce you to my family. My husband, children, bestfriends and everyone. Not a one you will miss out. You deserve the best place in my life, Pa. You deserve each moment of my life. Maybe it was not meant to be in this world. But there, in another world i'll share everything with you :')

Papa, those moment we shared were the moment i ever had. We might not be like other family, having serious talk, weird talk, or even funny talk, but, knowing you only have me and love me, that would be a great pleasure for me.

if i ever not make it into Jannah, i am really sorry.

And when he sees me, he will say “cantiknya anak papa, dah besar dah.” “Cantiknya anak papa, pandai mama jaga, bagi makan minum semua”. “Cantiknya anak papa.. cantiknya anak papa”

There is no sweet word sweeter than this sincerely came from a man to me. Cz only a father would say what he meant. I miss you pa. Really do.

A year had gone. A year passed. A year.

Things are different since you left. I feel lost the ride sometimes.  Cause all this while, what i achieved, what i feel, and everything, is one of the effect of your endless doa for me.

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