Sunday, April 30, 2017

It's 2017


I had just read almost all posts in this blog. Too many stories that made me who i am today. Spiritually, mentally, intelectuallity, physically and emotionally me. Alhamdulillah for whoever person i have become now. More mature and more independent person.

Now already 2017. April 2017. I have graduated my degree last October. and i am now 24 years old to be (exactly on July). Too many things i didn't share here. For me to recap everything is truly impossible. I had the best years along growing into a person i am now. I can't thank Allah enough for that. Alhamdulillah.

As i read my previous posts, i see the childish thoughts and actions of me. I know i will laugh harder if i read it all over again when i become 50s. For how my physical was, comot and very urghhh. I don't know how to describe. But believe me, i don't fancy my looks before and even now. Hahaha

But most of all, now i am more to a thankful person, and i see life is always, always beyond what the eyes can see, beyond what the mind can tell. Because, Allah is the Most Knowing of everything. And He is the only One has the power of judging.

Enough with innerself-growing for now.
i will continue on it later in my upcoming posts (if the urge still there)

Next recap is about career.
I am still unemployed and studying. I am currently taking my Master of Science in my previous university, UPM. Alhamdulillah for this gift. The opportunity and financial aid, Alhamdulillah. I am certainly gonna do my best for this phase of life. I realized, i didn't push myself to the threshold i can bear during my degree. I will do it now. In shaa Allah.

As i grow, i realized that I won't stop studying. Because i love it. I love the moment knowledge is transferred from journals, youtube videos, lectures or anywhere to my brain. I wish Allah let the knowledge stays and functions along the way to help people from many angle of life. Aamiin.

Year 2017 with 24th year old self. I won't deny the urge to have someone special is there in me. It came from every angle of life i look into. My ex-coursemates, my ex-schoolmates, my best friends, my cousins, my family, and everybody are making me to think of it. And of course, who can ever run from it? (If you happen to able avoid these thoughts, kindly leave comment with some advices for me. i want to try).

And today, the spark that ignites the urge in me to read all the posts, is because someone gets married yesterday. Someone somehow stain my heart during my first year of degree life. Those.... good old days. haha

Well, actually if you have been reading my posts before, you definitely know how i would act to the boy-girl relationship. I had crush to 1-2-3 boys and thats it. Because none of them really know how much i fall for them. But this one, he kind of know and he kind of approaching me in the first place. And there goes the uneasy feels when he gets married. It's okay. Time will heal and i am sure he is going to be happy with her. In shaa Allah. And do trust me, i am super-ly okay with that, it is just that i need one day to recharged my mind.

Because, i do trust Allah's plan. So much.


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