Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Indulge differences


Kind of having a thought here.
Let say... you are a teacher who loves to selfie. And so you selfie in the classroom with your students. It is not awkward at all, and when you start seeing students who selfie in the class, laboratory, streets or where ever, of course,  you find it's normal. Though it is so wrong to selfie in the lab actually but who cares.

Then there go you as another teacher who don't fancy selfie kind of act. Not your routine and so you find it awkward, weird, and not supposed to do especially in formal kind of situation like, classroom. When you see your students do it, you kind of seeing them as inappropriate and what not.

Two different views, two different situations, two different perceptions.
When issues occur, the students got blamed and punished.
Who actually in the right way of living?
First or second?

Same goes to other kind of issue. Just because we were raised by different hand with different environment, that doesn't mean the differences are wrong. Indulge the differences. Accept them and apply what goods in it.


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