Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Profile Picture


Today, i think of something related to self-exposure. Profile pictures, or any picture of you which intendedly posted.

There are three kinds of people,

1. Post everything, good or bad.
2. Post nothing.
3. Post the goods one.
4. Post the bad one.

I wonder what factors contribute to each of these four. Is it confidence? Self-pleasure? The appreciation? Or maybe... the fame and acknowledgement?

I don't want to talk about how others see this. But to me, i belong to all of the categories depending on the mood, time and the subject.

However, above all, what stops me is always about privacy. My privacy.
That i am not comfortable to have people to stare at my photos which have me in it, though i think no one would care. But because i did to people's photos, who knows someone out there is doing the same. haha

Another thing, i don't need the whole world to know how i behave, how i act to some things, how i respond to good or bad things. Because why? I am not consistence with my thought itself. Today you see me excited on a thing which happened the same years ago and i was not that excited. This inconsistency of mine is not something i fancy of especially to let the whole world know.

Cliche but true, i am afraid to be judged. I don't care if stranger judge me, what i care is people who close to me. To have their heart scratch just because of my photos, it is nonsense. I am afraid to show too much of myself which may contribute to high expectations of people on me.

And believe me, i don't have everything wonderful to show, neither everything worst to share. I am normal being like you, and i believe the best photos, situations, happiness and everything posted are just tiny bit of the life that they choose to show.

And believe me too, you are having the same happiness in life, just that in different way which need you to look at it with different perspective.

To end this, i would say... Share what may benefit others and share to preserve the moment, but not inches of it. Save the best in your heart. Let it flow in your blood to your brain. And reflect through your action. In shaa Allah, All iz well, bebeh!


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