Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rumours i made


I spread rumors that I wanna get married after I completed my current study.

What they dont know is, that just to turn on my purpose-driven mode. 

I know I am not ready. I know I wont be financially and self ready after this ends. 

But I do believe words are doa. 

By having those thoughts, I am making myself ready. In shaa Allah.

Just my two cents:
To marry a person is not everything in the world. If Allah says yes He is for you, then okay. But if He says no, yours is not here. It is super-ly okay, Allah prepare someone better in the hereafter. What else do you need if you have Him, right?


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Welcome, adults-to-be!


A bit of tips for those who are entering university

Get a hold to yourself. Yes, go have fun when necessary but don’t have it too much till you live in misery. Find the reasons and purposes of you being there. Let the purposes guide you. Study going to be tough. You get to taste failure at some point, but dear, avoid it as far as you can.

Education is not just about the CGPA. CGPA is important, but there’s so much things to grab while studying. The experiences and exposures are going to build the human you are growing into in the end. Choose your scopes wisely. By scopes, I mean your circle of people and your environment you spend most of your time.

At some point, ‘love’ might touch you somehow. The attractions towards different gender may be intense. Those who fail to control, may eventually fall to it. My personal tips, recognize your interest, is it because you are hormonal, your lust or it is indeed pure feeling. If you cannot differentiate, then leave and forget it. But again dear, there is no loss of not having ‘someone’ in the university. Unless, he/she able to bring out the best of you. And please do remember, university has thousands of people, among those thousands are your friends, not just your ‘someone’ is there.

Last but not least, enjoy the moment wisely. Good luck!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bugs thought


Tomorrow will be 1st August as i start to write this at 11:53pm today. I am writing this while listening to someone's voice singing Aerosmith - I don't wanna miss a thing. The voice that i believed, i can live with it for a lifetime. I can be in love with it, and just it.
I think la, for now.

Something has been bothered me these few days.
It had to do with my pasts, and the future i am leading to.

I heard you married a doctor. Congratulations. You got your dreams right. I was so afraid if you couldn't move on. I was so afraid if i hide a piece of your heart somewhere when i left. But, the moment i see picture of you marrying a girl, i can feel the burden lifted. You found your girl. Your woman. Believe me if i said, i was the happiest to see that.

I know i was wrong. But, i believed the hikmah Allah put the mistakes on me.
I pray for your happiness ever since. I asked Allah to make way for you to your dream girl. And of course, you didn't found her because of my doa la. You found her because you deserve it.

But few days ago, i just knew she is a doctor. All the flashbacks come.
I didn't catch my own dream. I let it go as if i thought i am not deserving it.

I start to question myself, what am i doing to my life? This question bugs me for days. I dreamed a lot. But, i didn't work it out high enough. Therefore, dreams become only dreams. I just realized, to achieve dream, you need more of yourself to work it out.

And i start to narrowed down my dreams. And i actually start to work it out.

Maybe, i should thank you.


Rumours i made

Assalamualaikum I spread rumors that I wanna get married after I completed my current study. What they dont know is, that just to tur...